SMS/Text Message Marketing

How Pineapple Carpet Cleaning Does $10,000 Per Month With Text Messaging

SMS marketing lead generation

Lead Generation

The beginning of the customer journey starts with lead generation. Blake, the owner of Pineapple Carpet Cleaning uses Facebook Lead Ads to capture leads on Facebook and push them directly into the SMS marketing platform.

A lead sees Blake’s ad while scrolling through Facebook.  Clicks “GET OFFER” and submits a form with their contact information. The lead is instantly pushed to the SMS marketing platform and a text message conversation starts inviting the lead to book their carpet cleaning.

Appointment Reminders

Once an appointment is booked, the SMS marketing platform automatically sends reminders leading up to the service.  These reminders are fully customizable and can include images of techs or other important information regarding the appointment.

SMS marketing appointment reminders
SMS marketing review requests

Review Request

After the job is complete Blake sends out an automated message thanking them for their business and requesting a review.

Securing Repeat Business

Blake doesn’t just want that customer once.  He wants to make sure that he is their carpet cleaner for life.  Every 6 months the SMS marketing platform sends an automated text message to the customer inviting them to book again.

SMS marketing repeat business

"... has allowed me to automate all of my communication. I rarely talk on the phone with my customers. Everything is done through text. It’s more efficient, I make more money, and my customers are happier. It’s an awesome tool that has an amazing ROI. Not just on money but on time and quality of life for me.”

Blake Fenn

Owner Pineapple Carpet Cleaning

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